Bathroom airbath


The Big Hippo Bathroom Co. defines airbath as a “unique luxury product that is different from other whirlpools and spa baths.”

To be more specific, airbaths utilize an air injection system from the base of the tub. Hundreds of tiny microjets inject warm water into the air stream so that warm bubbles will wrap the body and prevent uneven temperature changes.  The effect is a warm and thorough massage on your skin.  This is different from the traditional whirlpool that just pumps and recirculates the water through side jets.

Apollo Airbath Ltd. is claiming that the Ballerina (topmost picture) is the world’s first back to the wall free standing airbath. It is suited for showering and bathing. Its front bow and mounted taps in the center provide a balanced and sturdy orientation. Brass or chrome-plated claw feet, blow dry feature to prevent bacteria build up and its microjet system are included.

The Countess (right) is a soaking tub fit for two. Sloping backets, underwater lights and contoured backrests are really intended for long relaxing moments.


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